Well… Let’s Try This Again!

22 May

Hello all (and by “all” I mean me) –

My name is Myisha and I’m SO excited to be FINALLY getting to this blog that’s been in my head for about a year or more, but just never got around to doing… much like a lot of ideas that swirl around in my head.

I’ve always been a “lovah” of fashion and most recently developed an obsession with makeup.  I mean I’ve always worn a bit here and there, but I’ve never been INTO it as much as I am now, i.e. stalking blogs for new collections, spending hours on youtube, and spending embarrassing amounts of money on my personal “collection.”

Never the less, I’m now ready to share this relatively new passion of mine with people who have the same interests, and hey… If I make a few good friends in the process… all the better!

So technically, this is my third crack at a blog.  My first attempt, a celebrity gossip blog, fabulousnessofitall.blogspot.com,  was started back in 2007 when blogs first started to pick up in our community, and was quite good if I may say so myself, but kind of dwindled off and never met its full potential due to a great opportunity that fell upon me.  The opportunity was to join an up and coming website, StyleBermuda.com, and be their resident celebrity blogger!  After awhile maintaining the two seemed tedious, as it was all basically the same content, and with that… The Fab Files was born… and STILL alive and kicking today!  Be sure to go check us out over there – its where fashion meets beauty meets entertainment and SO much more!

Anywho… its loads more about myself that I have to share, but I’m going to stop it here now for fear of dragging on and on… and on!

Til’ next time my lovz…


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