My Nars Collection… (Pic Heavy)

26 May

So I don’t know about you gals, but I LOVE Nars products.  Not the cheapest products on the market, but definitely worth the splurge – as the quality and pigmentation is INSANE!

Nars isn’t available where I live, not yet anyway, so I only get to get my hands on it when I’m home in New Jersey/New York or if I order it off of either the Nars or Sephora websites.  I’m far from complaining though because I DO however have MAC here, and with them pumping out new luscious collections every other week, if Nars was here – I’d be living on a bench!

Anyway, enough babbling!  My collection, though small is near and dear to me, so I wish to share it with you all!


Rajasthan ($33)


Mekong, Coconut Grove, Daphne, and Mangrove ($23 Each)

Mekong, Coconut Grove, Daphne, and Mangrove

Gosh these swatches are pissing me off!  The camera really does them no justice… or my lack of photography and proper lighting… either or! LOL  Especially Mekong though… ya’ll just don’t know!  It’s the prettiest… sparkliest brown I’ve ever seen!  I think next time around I’m going to use a base under the swatches… hopefully that’ll make it better.


From L-R: Taj Mahal, Deep Throat, and Super Orgasm ($27 Each)

From Top-Bottom: Taj Mahal, Deep Throat, and Super Orgasm

Orgasm Blush & Laguna Bronzer Duo ($39)

Orgasm Blush & Laguna Bronzer Duo

As you can see, Laguna Bronzer, one of Nars’ top sellers, barely shows up on me.  So instead of using it as a bronzer, its better suited as a face powder on me.  I think I need to try their other bronzer Casino, as it seems a bit darker.

Lip Gloss:

From Top-Bottom: Bloodwork ($24), Dolce Vita, Orgasm, Turkish Delight, Greek Holiday, and Striptease (Set $40)

Same order as above.

Chelsea Girls Lip Lacquer ($24)

As you can see, they’re all super pigmented and can be worn over lipstick or by themselves.

*For the mini’s, I bought them in a set some time ago.  I was new to Nars, had heard a lot of good things and wanted to try them out.  However when I saw how much they were… EACH… then saw the mini -set, I was SOLD!!*


Sample size Orgasm Illuminator, Skin Brightening Serum, and Eye Makeup Remover.  I got these items with points earned at Sephora, but don’t let the sizes fool you!  With the illuminator alone, you use so little, that that mini bottle is going to last me the summer.

Now on to my wish list… It’s RIDIC!  I’ll just share a few of the top items I can’t wait to get my hand on!

1. Nars Sheer Matte Foundation and Pore Refining Oil Free/Matte Primer – For us oily t-zone sistahs… I hear these are the

2. Lipgloss: Angelika and Easy Lover

4. Lipstick: Heat Wave and Carthage

5. Blushes: Exhibit A and Desire

Ok, so thats it for now… as if that wasn’t enough!

Lata Lovah’s!

P.s.  Are there any Nars must-have products that you think I should try?

4 Responses to “My Nars Collection… (Pic Heavy)”

  1. foodfashionandflow May 27, 2011 at 11:32 pm #

    Those colors look great. I always hear good things about NARS makeup

  2. Cheryl-Ann Charles June 1, 2011 at 7:09 am #

    Omg Mekong is so lovely…I gotta get it! I once bought the illuminator without trying on in store but for a swatch on my hand. It really doesn’t do anything for your face, in my opinion.

    Great post… I wanna run to sephora and go purchase crazy!

    • PinkPantiesandLeopardLipstick June 1, 2011 at 3:30 pm #

      I agree! I’m to dark for it… perhaps it works best on lighter complexed girls. Glad I just got the sample to be honest. I think I’ll try it on my shoulders when I wear tubes… perhaps it’ll give me a glow.


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