26 May

I’ve just completed my first REAL makeup post!!  It’s about my Nars collection and I’m excited to post it!  Yo!  This ish is WAY harder and time-consuming than I thought!  I had no IDEA how much work went into one damn post!!  As a writer and celeb blogger – it’s a little easier in the respect that you write your piece, you pull your images, your done!  With this… you’re taking your own pictures, trying to edit them, place them correctly… MAN!

Well now that I’ve gotten my first one under my belt, I assume (praying rather) it’ll get easier each time.

I have MAD respect to all the beauty blogger before me man!  Ya’ll deserve a lot more than you get – let me tell you!

Anywho – I’m not posting until tomorrow (after all that right! LOL) – I’m a bit anal, and I want to give it fresh eyes in the morning before it goes up!  I just felt like I let a day go by (Like I don’t work) and not put anything up irritated me!

Ok… that’s it!

Ni nite time!

Lata Lovah’s!


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