MAC Surf Baby! Collection

14 Jun

Here it is… Finally!

Here are my pickings from MAC’s Surf Baby Collection!  Funny enough, when the first images of this collection came out, I instantly said SKIIIIP!!  But when Temptalia posted swatches… I was drawn in instantly!  Even though I’m still no fan of the packaging, (womp womp), there’s no denying that there are some beautiful colors and textures that I just HAD to have!

Crushed Metallic Pigments in Summer Stash

Crushed Metallic Pigments in Summer Stash

So lets address these colors and how irritated I am at the camera totally washing them out!!  When they say “metallic” that’s’ exactly what they mean, as these pigments are ridiculously pigmented and opaque.  You don’t have to layer and layer, two swipes’ll do ya, unless you want super intensity – and even then, 3-4 may be entirely too much.  The consistency of these pigments are different from regular ones, as when you look at them, they look like little balls, rather than finely milled powders we’re used to seeing.  Also they come in stackable MAC pots (which you can also buy empty for depoting lipsticks or filling with products so you dont have to carry full bottles and such) and don’t have individual names.  This stack of four is called Summer Stash.  The collection does carry one more stack – which feature earth-tone colors – which I won’t lie, I am tempted to grab up, but these babies aren’t the cheapest… so it won’t be anytime soon.  I have more than enough to play with as it is!

Swell Baby, Sun Blonde, Surf USA, and Saffron

Swell Baby, Sun Blonde, Surf USA, and Saffron (Pardon my pinky’s shadow, hehe)

Swell Baby, Sun Blonde, Surf USA, and Saffron

Now these shadows, I tried to resist.  #Fail  The only one I had plans on getting was “Saffron,” as it’s a repromote from the Mickey Contractor Collection, which sold out IMMEDIATELY, and I was never able to get my hands on.  The others, mehh, I knew I had dupes, so why waste the money right?  Wrong.  I have no dupes for these!  That’s the thing about eyeshadow, well make-up in general, you really can’t judge by just looking in the “pot,” so to speak.  You HAVE to do swatches!  Sometime they look bright, but when you use them they’re pale as hell (unless used with a heavy base), or look dark and end up being bright!  That’s exactly how it was for me with these.  These super rich, almost creamy-like shadows are and are super easy to blend.  First time in a LONG time I felt every shadow in a MAC collection was worth getting!  Stay tuned, as I plan to do some looks with these shadows exclusively.

Skinsheen Bronzer Stick in Guilty Bronze

Skinsheen Bronzer Stick in Guilty Bronze

Lastly, we have the Skinsheen Bronzer Stick in Guilty Bronze.  I’ve always wanted one of those Nars Multiples, but I haven’t been able to get my hands on one yet, so when I saw THIS, I had to give it a go.  Basically it’s a cream bronzer, nothing new, but in stick form.  They came in about 3 or 4 colors, but this one. Guilty Bronze, better suited my complexion.    You can use this product be swiping with a brush or simply swiping it right against your skin and working it in with your fingers.  In my opinion, its a bit hard to be rubbing on my face, but I will give it ago.  I am more interest in figuring out other ways to use it.  I LOVE a multi-purpose product!!  I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted!

Ok so that’s it for Surf Baby!  It was a pretty big collection, which I’m proud of myself for not going overboard on.  I bought what I liked and felt best suited me and I’m happy with my purchases.  My only regret is not picking up that other stack of metallic pigments, but like I said before they’re still available, so there’s no major rush!

I’ve put myself on a major makeup spending ban until MAC’s Semi Precious Collection comes out next month.  I can’t wait, as the few pics I’ve seen are BANANAZZZZZ!!!  The colors are so freaking rich and just….ughhhhhh!! LOL 

In the meantime, I have plenty other items in my stash to show and review… most of which I HAD to have and haven’t touched yet! LOL

Yes, I have a problem.

Lata Lovah’s!


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