YouTube Look Recreation – Beyonce Inspired by: BeautifulYouTV

19 Aug

So if you know me, you know I’m addicted to YouTube.  Admittedly, its YouTube and Blogs that feed this make-up obsession of mine… they’re the crack dealer to my addiction.  One of my favorite things to do is recreate looks that intrigue me and I figured now is the time to document my creations so I can monitor my progress.  I mean, I do intend to become a pro at this!  What the hell else am I gonna do with all this ish?!

I’m definitely no MUA, BUT when I compare my skills now to my skills when I first began getting into make-up, (which was in college, yes I was a late on it), I practically AM a pro, lol.

Anywho, this will be my first of many in this series, YouTube Look Recreation, and I can’t wait to share… thats the point of a blog right? (Well one of them anyway!)

This look comes from one of my favorite YT Beauty Guru’s, BeautifulYouTV. Here’s the video of her tutorial, followed by my interpretation. (JUST the eyes… this is NOT a full look recreation)



*I REALLY need to play with lighting!  This eye looks so much more vibrant in person!*

I used MAC’s “Reelers & Rocker’s” eyeshadow palette, from the Christmas 2010 “A Tartan Tale” collection to create this look.

I also used NYX’s jumbo pencil in Milk and Too Faced Shadow Insurance, just like she did.

P.s. I need a snazzier name for this series… I’m open to suggestions!

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