Part Two: Guerlain Bronzer Review – When I Got Home

20 Aug

Hi again!

So at the end of my time at the Guerlian counter in Gibbon’s Company, they laced up your girl with a few goodies!  Whoop Whoop!

Here’s a peek of what I got!

Not sure if this will be a new staple in Gibbon’s Co., but for the promotion, you received your Guerlain goodies in this sexy lil number…

I received the Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder and Terracotta Gloss.

This gorgeous bronze color is in shade 03 is a perfect brown color with very fine shimmer and to my liking – isn’t orange AT ALL!  (Which I mention in the review) As much as I LOVE “Jersey Shore,” I don’t wish to look like a cast member.

As I mentioned, minimal shimmer, so you don’t have to worry about looking like a disco ball if you apply all over the face.  The consistency of the powder is very smooth and silky, and can we take a second to talk about the scent?  WELL… if you’re sensitive to scent, this may not be the the bronzer for you, as its pretty strong.  A good strong, meaning it doesn’t bother me and it wears off quickly, but strong non-the-less.  I will describe the scent as very perfumery, if thats a word, and dare I say floral with musky undertones?  I’m not the best “scent” describer, but I do suggest you go check it out for yourself.

Here’s a swatch directly on my skin.  You can barely see it right!  Well thats because I got this baby PRE-Cup Match and Non-Mariners.  Right now I’m the darkest I’ve ever been in my life, so since its an exact match, I can easily use it as an all over powder, or as I suggested in the review, I’ll use it as a crease color with my eyeshadows.  Once I loose this tan, and I WILL loose it because I can’t keep color for anything, and get back to my “light-red” self – this color will be perfect for me.

I was totally surprised when I found this gloss in my bag!  It’s in shade “Grenade” (03), and I’d describe it as a pinkish berry shade.  The packaging is adorable and luxe looking.  The gloss has a scent as well, but very light and fruity… it kind of smells like Starbursts… who doesn’t love Starbursts?

As you can see its a darker berry color, so I’d probably reserve it for the fall.  Its pretty pigmented, but not opaque, and can be worn alone – though I bet it’d look great layered over a few lippies in my collection.

Nothing like a goodie bag right!?!



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