29 Aug

So like I know this song is meant for the “weekend” BUT I simply just COULDN’T wait!!  I LOVE this so!!

Hello, my name is Myisha and I am addicted to Rihanna!  Ughhh this girl!  I don’t care what you say, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Rihanna can do NO wrong in my eyes!

I love the song and now I love it even more because of the video.  I’m so happy she took the “home video” approach as it just fit so perfectly!  It was very intimate and fun and made us feel even closer to her. Ok, Imma stop here before I really sound stan-ish, lol

ALSO… while I’m in the posting new video’s mood…

My girl Nicki Minaj also released a new video!  One of my fave songs off of her album, Fly, featuring Rihanna… Have a looksie!

I’m not gonna lie… I was all excited when the video began… but when she got out the car with that damn Marg Simpson wig… Like let that shit go already… anyway…

Now that leopard wig in the third scene I can get with… but I’m obsessed with leopard, so I don’t know it that counts, lol.

Final thoughts… mehhh.  It was arite… nothing to get excited about.  I liked how the flowers bloomed in the end tho! o_O

Oh!  What did I think of Ri Ri’s performance in the video… what do ya’ll think! Lol

P.s. This video was filmed awhile back and I heard it was never released because Ri was about to release something and she didn’t want to block her shine.  Umm yea… you coulda went ahead and let that one go boo…

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