Chanel Fall 2011 Collection & My Small Chanel Collection

7 Sep

Chanel’s Fall 2011 collection has me uber excited!  I hope and pray and pray and hope it makes its way to Bermuda.  I haven’t been buying Chanel products very long and even though I know there is a counter here in Bermuda, I’m not sure how “up on it” they are with new collections the way MAC here is.  It seems every time I go to look for something, they never have it… whether its a new or old product.  It DID work out for me once… but I’ll get into that later…

On to the highlights… we’ll my highlights anyway.  I HAVE to get my hands on that gorgeous nail polish, which is a duo-chrome called Periodot, and a new product to the line, Illusion D’ombre Eye Shadows.

These eye shadows, which come in six colors seen below,  resemble cream shadows because of the little pots they come in, but the formulation is a little more complicated than that.  Technically they’re a powder, but have a mouse like texture and cream to powder finish… I know right!?

According to Chanel, “This intensely shimmering long-wear eyeshadow offers true versatility. An innovative gel texture that is both soft and cushiony allows it to be worn as eyeshadow or eyeliner. Includes a specially designed shadow/liner brush, developed specifically for this unique formula.”

My girl Christine of Temptalia has tested the product for herself and this is what she has to say, “On me, these wear twelve hours (worn alone, no primer) without creasing, fading, migrating, or smudging. They apply evenly over the lid, and they’re blendable for long enough to give you time to soften any edges but are never fully wet, so they don’t gather into the creases and lines of the eye before it fully sets. Once it sets, it really doesn’t budge.”  SOLD!

She gave the shadows an A+ rating and really that’s all I need to know.  Now all I can do it hope and pray they get here.  Fortunately for me, only three of six colors peak my interest, because in true Chanel fashion, they ain cheap sista!  I’ll have more on the price when I get the chance to scoop them up.

Now on to my mini Collection!

I own three products to date.

Ombres Perlees De Chanel Eyeshadow Palatte $59 (Limited Edition),
Le Vernis Nail Color Particuliere (505) $23,
and Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronze Universal Bronzing Makeup Base $43

Now this palette… THIS palette is coveted!  When I first saw it on Temptalia, I knew I had to have it.  What I didn’t know at the time was that everyone else HAD to have it as well!  Being limited edition, I knew my chances were slim of getting my hands on it, so the beloved Gibbon’s Co. was my only option.  I went to the store to see if I could get my hands on it, and guess what… SOLD OUT!  Insert hurt feelings here.

The “Chanel Lady” told me that there is a small chance that they may bring more in, but they aren’t expecting the next shipment for over a month!  So she took my name, number, and email, and sent me on my way.   Being the go-getter that I am, I searched the web.  No where, I mean NO WHERE had the palette in stock! Trust and believe, everyone had plenty of everything else from the limited collection, but the palette… NOPE!  I was forced to let it go.

Fast forward a couple months and I’m in G. Co. and notice the display is out again!  “Where is it?!” I ask.  “Oh! We JUST sold out!”  HUH!  “But I put my name down!  No one contacted me!”  To be this close and have it slip through my fingers is just…SAD.  Apparently she did email… it went to my spam.  I saw it for myself… womp womp.

I knew it was a lost cause after that… so I let it go.  Fast forward few months, April to be exact, and I’m cutting through Gibbon’s Co., heading to a MAC event, and of course I had to peek at what was going on.  The night before I had been watching videos where 50% sang the praises of the Bronze Universal, (I’ll get to that later), so I decided to see if they had it stock.  Its not limited after all.  So as I’m standing there and waiting at the counter to be served… that’s not what I think it is  – is it?  No way! NO FREAKIN’ WAY! It’s my palette… It’s here… again!?  Or a sick joke.

Once the lady finally got to me I asked … “this… do you have THIS… NOW?”  “Yes!  One left actually!”  Cue me hitting the floor!  “It’s MINE BITCH!”  No… I didn’t actually say that, but I thought it.  I didn’t even bitch that no one called me again… I got my palette and my bronzer and kept it moving… smiling from ear to ear!

Now after ALL that hype, I know what you’re thinking… that ish better be worth all the hype!  Well it is!  Even though I haven’t touched mine, because I was waiting to swatch freshly for my blog, which hadn’t even begun as yet, and I wanted it untouched for pics.  BUT I did swatch the sample in the store and trust… the bish is bad!

DO YOU SEE THIS COLOR PAYOFF!!!  Ughh!  On swipe guys… one swipe!  No base was used… I don’t even want to think about how awesome the color is going to be once a base gets under it! *swooning*

*A look using this palette is coming soon!

I picked up Particuliere Nail Polish a good while back.  It’s one of the most popular polishes on both YouTube and the blogsphere… so I wanted to try it for myself.  At $23 a pop, trust and believe Chanel polishes will be treats ONLY and  my most expensive polish purchase to date.

Particuliere can be described as a dark taupe with purple undertones.  A perfect nude polish that’ll compliment any skin tone.  I’d also like to take a moment to discuss the formulation… ughhh!  Nothing like it!  One coat will do ya!  I love it!

This color is PERFECT for the fall.

Last but not least, Soleil Tan De Chanel Universal Bronzing Makeup Base.

The Chanel website says, “The velvety finish of this light cream-gel bronzer leaves your skin with a beautiful sun-kissed look. Wear it on its own to enhance your complexion, or for a hint of outdoors radiance, over or under your favorite CHANEL Foundation.”

I can’t wait to use it myself, though I will admit I am a bit intimidated by it.   Its definitely something I’m going to have to play around with and figure out.  From all the reviews I’ve read, it seems as though everyone loves it, BUT everyone uses it in completely different ways.  I just pray it lives up to the hype of it all!

On the left is the swatch and the right is blended in.  As you can see the color of the product is basically the color of my skin!!  Normally this means it would do nothing for me, but since I’m still rocking a bit of a tan, I will be lighting up soon, so all is good.  One thing I do love is how seamlessly it blends into my skin.  No cakey/makeupy look here.  I’ll keep you guys posted on how I work out this product. One thing I forgot to mention is will ALL the reviews I saw… they were all from Caucasian women.  I couldn’t find one singe review from a darker complexed lady!  Now this product only comes in one color, hence “universal,” which means its supposed to work for us too.  If you have any suggestions… please send them though!

I hope to add to my mini collection soon with those eyeshadows… you know I’ll keep you posted!

Lata Lovah’s!


4 Responses to “Chanel Fall 2011 Collection & My Small Chanel Collection”

  1. khalil'swife September 9, 2011 at 5:06 pm #

    Chanel is everything…love your review. I have always done the glossimer and lipsticks and also a nailpolish every once in a while. I recently had the Chanel ladie make up my eyes in that omber shadow…it was the green color that looked black…fab…and also you must try the waterproof eye liner in Casis…which is a dark purple…makes all the difference.

  2. A Sassy Woman September 24, 2011 at 8:25 am #

    OMG! The make up looks awesome!! I really am looking into purchasing some Chanel make up products. Great review 🙂

    Check out my blog


    • PinkPantiesandLeopardLipstick September 24, 2011 at 6:22 pm #

      Thanks Ashley! You def should… a little luxury every once in a while never hurt anyone!

      Heading over to your blog now!



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