11 Sep

Its amazing… I haven’t felt emotional about this day in awhile.  I remember the day like it was yesterday.  10 years ago today, I was beginning my senior year college… all the way in Alabama.  I was in the bed, debating if I was going to get up for this annoying ass Spanish class, and I rolled over to turn Maury on.

There was no T.V.  The news was on EVERY channel.  I laid there in a daze, not really realizing what was going on.  They said a building flew into one of the World Trade Center Towers.  I heard it, but I didn’t comprehend it.  I was watching things happen, seeing people running, but honestly… it just wasn’t computing.

What a space cadet.

I got up to get dressed.  Walked across the lawn to my class and realized only about five people were there.  While we waited for the teacher to show up, yes I was late, and so was he, we all sat there talking amongst ourselves.

“Hey, you heard about a plane flying into the World Trade Center,” a guy asked?

My ears peaked.  “Huh?”

“Mmm… one went into the second one too,” some girl said.

My stomach churned.  I sat there frozen.

My friends… My Family! (I’m a Jersey girl for those who don’t know.)

In walks my teacher… “Class is cancelled.  If any of you are from New York or have family there, you need to call home.”


I ran out and back to my room and called my Grandfather… he was fine. Everyone was fine.

The rest of the day I sat and stared at the T.V.  I was all a blur.  It was so sad… so scary.  Why would they do this?  Where is it going to happen next?  Is it going to be a war?  Are they coming to take over… COULD they DO that!?!


I was fortunate.  I was a affected by this tragedy because I was from New Jersey, apart of the Tri-State area, going home… shit just visiting home, will never be the same.  But I wasn’t affected personally.  I didn’t loose anyone.  I don’t even know anyone who personally lost someone.  I was fortunate.  But we were ALL affected as a country…

But I’ll never forget that day.  I remember the day like it was yesterday.  I was beginning my senior year in college…

9/11 didn’t end on 9/11


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