Late Post: Non-Mariner’s 2011

18 Sep

Non-Mariner’s is an event that happens at the end of Cup Match Weekend (in Bermuda) each year and basically, what I got from it anyway, everyone comes out on boats (whether they own it or are renting), and meets ups at Mangrove Bay to listen to music, get drunk, and have a good time!  It was my first year EVER and I had a blast!  I will def be in attendance next year!

OH!!  Its also some sort of boat contest that goes on, where people build boats out of anything and everything, card board for example, and race… hence the ” Non-Mariners” term.  I missed all of that… maybe next year… *hunches shoulders*

Two of my besties Kim & Lea

Another besties… Dennisha

Kia B.

Where most of the action was at… this is a view from our boat…

Soooo looking forward to next year… good times!

Lata Lovah’s


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