NOTW: Lady Bugs & Vintage Flowers

23 Sep

Hey Lovez…

So I’ve decided to do nail post as well because… well why not!  I’m a nail polish fiend and since I’ve taken the acrylics off, I’ve been pretty much changing my nails once a week.  So in case hasn’t caught on as yet, NOTW = Nails of the Week!

The looks I feature will be created by one of two people… Moi! Or Shirneil of Chipped Nail Polish & Scuffed Sneakers.  Click here to check out her page or find her to the right on my blogroll.

FYI: The designs your little sister can do are the ones I did, the more intricate designs are her, lol.

NOW!  On to the Lady Bugs & Vintage Flowers!

Aren’t they adorable!


Lata Lovah’z

P.s. And if you recognize her… she’s my “model” from my make-up posts!

2 Responses to “NOTW: Lady Bugs & Vintage Flowers”

  1. Mz More September 25, 2011 at 7:56 pm #

    I love lady bugs and have one tattooed on my forearm. This is so cute!

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