Happy Blogtober!!!

1 Oct

So I’m jumping on this bandwagon pretty late… I literally have one hour and twenty minutes to get this post up!

While chilling out over on Bloglovin, I saw one of the blogs that I follow put up a post about a “Blogtober” challenge.  The concept behind Blogtober is one must post EVERYDAY for the entire month of October.  Now simple this may sound, but posting everyday, with GOOD posts, will definitely be a challenge, but I’m up for it!  Between taking pics, (minus all the ones I delete because they didn’t come out right), uploading them, editing them, and THEN coming up with creative commentary to go along with them, making a post can be quite tedious… but thats what I’m here for right?  Why become a blogger if you’re gonna do it half ass?!

So here’s my pledge!  I shall upload a new post everyday for the ENTIRE month of October!  (Please consider this my first official post!)  And I challenge all my fellow bloggers to do the same!

Wish me luck guys!


Blogtober Post #1

P.s. I believe you can post more than one a day, but it doesn’t count in your 31 day challenge.  You MUST post ALL 31 days!

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