Limited Addiction: MAC’s Semi Precious Summer 2011

2 Oct

My love of jewel tones had me foaming at the mouth when I heard this collection was coming!  Just the thought of golds, purples, royal and teal blues, green and ruby reds was filling me with joy and mentally preparing me for the beat down my wallet was gonna take… but alas… disappointment!  Don’t get me wrong… there were DEFINITELY stars of the show, but the entire production unfortunately fell flat.  Woomp Woommmp!

This is what MAC had to say…

We can all admire a girl with a 30-carat diamond. But the new dazzle is Semi-Precious. Gems that are rare in spirit, rich in substance and worn fluidly, on the skin. In MAC Semi-Precious, four finely milled gems – bronzite, black tourmaline, gold pyriate, and lilac lepidolite – bring their own earthy an spiritual affluence to three key elements of the mineralize collection: eyeshadows, skinfinish, and blush. Setting them off: a collection of colour, two mineralize skincare formulas, and four new limited-life split fibre brushes. Like everything this precious, these elements start off rare, and tend to get rarer… get rich while you can!

Lets start with saying this was a pretty huge collection.  Basically every category was covered.  It featured mineralized eyeshadows (where at first glance, are ALL must-haves), mineralize skin finishes, mineralize blushes, lippies, glosses, mascara, and new double sided/duo-fiber brushes.  He’s a look at the collection in its entirety…

When my MAC Diva Kyla (hey boo) gave me a call and told me to get my butt down there I was super DUPER excited!  It seamed like it took FOREVA to arrive. Once I got there, looking at it all was a bit overwhelming!  Everything was gorgeous and I knew I was going to want it ALL.   So I took on the task of swatching everything to begin my process of elimination.

Starting with the eyeshadows of course… everything looked uber rich and one would think they’d be super pigmented.  NOPE!  Most were sheer and though at first glance you’d imagine some unique crazy colors,  instead you get colors that could easily be duped.  *sigh*

So even though the collection kind of disappointed me, there were still a good number of pieces that were must-haves.  I picked out six products in total and I LOVE them all!

Clockwise: Golden Gaze Mineralize Eye Shadow, Feeling Flush Mineralize Blush, Smoked Ruby Eye Shadow, Hint of Sapphire Mineralize Eye Shadow, Semi Precious Rose Quartz Mineralize Skinfinish, and Natural Flare Cremesheen Glass (in the middle)

Semi Precious Rose Quartz Mineralize Skinfinish

Made up of two separate sections, the outer layer being a medium baby pink which is super soft and pigmented and the middle is made up of green sparkly goodness with some coppery veining.  The colors can be used either alone as a blush and highlighter or swirled together to create a beautiful pink shimmery blush or highlighter, depending on your complexion.

Here you see the two colors swatched separately and then swirled together.  As you ladies know, I love a multi-purpose product, and with the intensity of color this MSF gives, it can easily be used a an eyeshadow as well!  LOVE that!

Feeling Flush Mineralize Blush

Best way to describe the color is.... Pink! A beautiful shade, not to light, not to dark but just right. Soft and smooth, just a little touch of product on the brush is plenty. One thing I noticed about this blush that I can't say I have with other MAC blushes is the rosy scent. Not strong or offensive, but really delicate and expensive smelling. I like it.

Here’s a swatch.  As you can see it is very pigmented as I said above.  This is only one swipe of the finger, so a little goes a long way.  I’ll be enjoying this blush for some time to come as there’s no way I’ll be using it up any time soon.

I absolutely love this color on my complexion.  My lovely summer tan is pretty much non-existent at this point and I’ll only be getting lighter from here as I get quite pale in the winter.  Feeling Flush is going to be a perfect color to warm my complexion up.

Smoked Ruby, Golden Gaze, and Hint of Sapphire Mineralize Eye Shadow

Trust me when I say, these swatches don’t do the color payoff any justice what so ever.  Hint of Sapphire is a beautiful sparkly blue, but Smoked Ruby and Golden Gaze are simply the!  Smoked Ruby is a blackened ruby color that would be perfect on the lid or as a sexy crease color for a smokey look.  Its so vampy, I can’t wait to create some looks with it.

Now Golden Gaze... that's my baby! I LOVE it! My best description of it would be a deep, blackened gold with an antique finish... yea, that sounds about right! It is perfection! Most blogs have been comparing it to "Guilt By Association" from the 2009 Style Black collection, but I missed out on that so I can't compare. (On the low, the greedy kid in me still wants the other one as it was coveted!)

Natural Flare Cremesheen Glass

Brownish/Nudish Sparkly Goodness!

Nothing much to say here, just another nude color that I probably didn’t need, but clearly couldn’t resist.

So in the end folks I’m quite happy with the choices I made.  Even though I expected more from the collection, the amount of products that I really did enjoy, is plenty!

As you know… ANOTHER collection was pumped out the next week!

Lata Lovah’s


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