Barbara Walter’s… Don’t Get Snatched!

4 Oct

Major *sideeye* with this post…

So I just watched a clip from “The View” that was posted on Clutch, and I got to tell you… well how bout’ you take look for yourself:


Now Barbara… you’ve been around for almost a hundred years and have been reporting for about 50 of them, (pardon my slight miscalculation), but I’m NOT buying this AT ALL!  You’re going to sit there and tell me to my face that you had NO IDEA that you, and by you I mean a white person, not Barbara Walter’s, using the word “Nigger” would not only have  a negative connotation, but possibly send emotional shivers up a Black persons spine?  Have you not learned anything all these years?

Now don’t get me wrong, I in no way, shape, or form believe Ms. Walter’s meant it in a malicious way… NOT AT ALL!  I know she’s no racist and the last thing she ever wants to do it offend someone, BUT this little act… No ma’am!  One would have to be completely naive or flat out stupid to not know that there could at least POSSIBLY some sort of repercussion for letting it slip out… “Reporting” or not.

Personally, I think she was more embarrassed and concerned with the fact that Sherry called her out on it publicly than anything else.  I mean she IS the boss! LOL

Whatever… I’m over it.

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