Yasss! New Video From Drake… “Headlines”

4 Oct

Sooo… I want the name of this song to be “They Know,” but thats neither here or there…

This song is SO Drake and I love it!  Its been playing on the airwaves for awhile now, but the video is finally here…

Take a look…



So, we’ve already established that I love the song, (God knows I wouldn’t accept singing raps from anyone else), so lets talk about the FASHION Drake gives us in the video!  Don’t get me wrong… I LOVE me some Drake!  He hasn’t even been on the scene that long and I can honestly say he’s one of my favorite artists. But lets keep it all the way funky… Boo Boo’s not the best model on the catwalk. (Translation: I usually hate his clothes)  He doesn’t always look questionable, but I think I can pinpoint the days he dresses himself.  #NoShade

This video however… definitely has more hits than misses though and I’m so excited about it!  He gives about four or five different looks and I’m not complaining… I even quite enjoyed the Bill Cosby-esq sweater look… its like it was made for him!  Definitely my fave look/scene of the video.

In the end, I’m sure Drake could give a rats ass and cares more about our opinions of his music than his fashion, and luckily for him…. we ain’t got no problems!  “Thank Me Later” was DEF in my top 5 albums of last year and is still in heavy rotation ’round these parts, but I simply can’t WAIT for the highly anticipated “Take Care” to debut later this month on the 24th.  

So do you think Drake will have as much success on his sophomore than his debut?  Personally I say yes… I think he’ll equal and then surpass it!

Lata Lovah’s

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