Limited Addiction: MAC’s MAC Me Over! Collection Fall 2011

7 Oct

This season, our most epic casting call ever – a sweeping search far beyond the superficial for the essence of what makes M·A·C people beautiful. An online contest ensued, with thousands of hopefuls submitting a photo or video, each asked to finish this statement: M·A·C Me Over! because…. We found them magnificent, interesting, sometimes chic, and always unique! James Gager, Senior Vice President, Creative Director for M∙A∙C, picked six stars that best express the M·A·C Me Over! Motto – Style, Heart and Soul – to be the face of M·A·C Fall Colour around the world.


Whether boy, girl, black, white, 18 or 80, each will be emblematic of one of our three different Fall looks: M·A·C Basics, featuring our Artists’ favourite Nudes and Pinks, including old favourites and new limited-life shades; the other two go bold, one with trend-based shades while the second plays it cool-toned, style-forward. AND there are fabulous user-friendly brushes: a new 211 Pointed Liner Brush as well as a limited-time bring back, the 226 Small Tapered Blending Brush. M·A·C Me Over! is the style, heart and soul of who we are!

MAC Cosmetics

So I was SO excited when I first learned of this collection, (as per usual), but when it arrived and I went to check it out… meh.

First of all it was a HUGE collection!  Loads of shadows, lippies, etc., but the majority was either already permanent or just to blah to bother.

As you can see, I was NOT exaggerating!  Its huge!  I’m totally not complaining because my wallet took a break on this one and I only picked up two… yes 2 products!  (Has to be a record for me!)

Of course there were a few other products I would have liked to pick up, but one thing I have to say is that I’m getting better at is narrowing down what I feel is the MOST unique and  “Must -Have” products.  In this MAJOR production, the most unique, in MY opinion of course, were two of the Limited Addiction eyeshadows… Carbonized and Mythical.

Carbonized & Mythical

Carbonized & Mythical Swatched

Carbonized ended up being nothing like what I thought it'd be. Am I the only one who thought Carbonized was going to be a jazzy version of Carbon... No? Ok... Well I'll describe Carbonized as a "Dark Brown with a metallic finish." It has no glitter but rather a nice sheeny/shimmery finish. As per usual the swatch does the color NO justice whatsoever!

Mythical is the I wish you could see the metallic sheen this shadow is giving off!! The color is a pinkish red and definitely one of the best shadows in my collection.

I am beyond happy with these two shadows!  They are such perfect colors that are very pigmented (one swipe will do ya!) and super smooth to blend.  I also love that the two colors I choose totally compliment each other, so I will def be doing a look using them both soon.

Lata Lovah’s!


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