Angela Yee For PYNK Magazine

8 Oct

So this should have been posted earlier in the summer, but you know how things go.  Normally I would have just deleted the draft, but since I love this chick so much, as well as the pics being BAD as hell… I had to go ahead and do it!

I got hip to mi gal dem Angela Yee when she had her own Sirius Radio show, Lip Service.  No I don’t have Sirius Radio, but fortunately for me she broadcasted the show live on Ustream, so I was able to tune in all the time. Trust me, she got me through A LOT of boring ass mornings at my work desk. Basically she had a variety of celebrity guests and most would come on her show and cut up!  Being the show wasn’t on standard radio, people could really free up be themselves and basically act the ass… which I loved.  The conversations usually got naughty… and I can’t lie… those were some of my favorite episodes!

These days Ang is one third of my NEW favorite morning radio show, The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1.  God bless the internet and iHeartRadio, because if I was forced to listed to Bermuda radio everyday, (or at all for that matter) everyday would probably start off wrong, (no offence!).  I’m exaggerating of course, as there are some DJ’s I do enjoy… but for the most part, I feel the radio here is  Anywho… Her co-hosts, DJ Envy and CtheGod round off the show and it is HILARIOUS!  It’s great when they have guests, but honestly… they don’t need them, as they can totally carry the show on their lonesome!

So I’ve totally deflected from this fashion post, lol, but I just had to get all of that out!  Something else Angela is known for is being a LOVER of all things SHOES… my kinda gal!  I hear her collection is just SICK and I would love to see them all, but for now we’re left to salivate over the ones featured in this shoot.

I love celebs who give you the feeling that if they weren’t the “personality” that they were, they would totally be your friend… that’s the vibe I get from her, like she’s already one of my girlfriends.

Go Yee!

Lata Lovah’s


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One Response to “Angela Yee For PYNK Magazine”

  1. Jeeda October 9, 2011 at 10:24 pm #

    Love love loves this chic…I have Sirius radio and was bumbed when she left!!!

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