Love & Hip Hop Season 2

20 Oct

OMG!  Ya’ll just don’t know!  I LOVE this show and the second season is FINALLY here!  I just peeped the super trailer from VH1, and OMG this season will NOT be disappointing at all.  You know I got it right here!

Yo!  First, my mouth stayed open during the entire trailer, lol… but then came the tears! How I’m crying off a trailer!?  So emotional I am!  Now, I don’t know how I’m feeling about this new chick, Kimbella.  In one scene she comes off sweet and the other is… meh.  Her messing with Fab is a quick way to get cut, (hahaaa me and my John Jackson obsession), AND being the girlfriend of my other boo (in my head) Juelz Santana, pshhhhh!  Verdict’s still out on this one!  Lets talk about how Chrissy punched her face off just now, LOFLL!  Chrissy is DEF someone you want on your team!

I love me some Emily, unfortunately it looks like she’s still stuggling a bit in this season, but pulls it together.  #Winning And as for Olivia, who seems like a sweet girl, has her irritating moments, but don’t we all, I can’t wait to see how their plot lines work out.

And lastly Somaya.  Was her pants busted open on stage?  I just can’t with her.  Smh…

Oh wait… there’s a new chick, Yandy… Don’t have an opinion on her just yet.

A lot of people hated on this show when the first season premiered, but I was on the complete opposite side of the spectrum.  Perhaps because even though these ladies live in a higher tax bracket than I do, they are still very relatable and deal with the same bullshit we, out of the limelight,” women face.  A couple of the characters I felt really close too, and a couple of them I totally saw as people who’d be my friend in real life.

I just hope its an hour this season.  They piss me off with the half hour BS!  Just like with La La’s show!  They BOTH need to longer.  Will someone please get a clue over there!

Now lets touch on the obvious… I’ve CLEARLY fell off the Blogtober Challenge!  But its not my fault!  Dealing with a bunch of BS on top of losing the internet and just getting it back literally minutes before I began this post this morning (Shout out to CableVision… hope this will be a long and prosperous relationship), I’m literally just getting it together… but barely.  So be patient with me.

I really want to catch up with the posts I’ve missed and get back on track to finishing out this month successfully.

Wish me luck!

Lata Lovah’s


Blogtober Post #11

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