My Weekend w/Mippy!

28 Apr

To say this past weekend was interesting would be an understatement.  I hung out with my “mini me” Shirquae, aka Mippy and we had an absolute blast… this lil chick is hilarious!  (Who’s Mippy… my brother’s girlfriend’s niece, whom I’ve grown very attached too.)  Friday we threw on our black tights and top buns and made our way the Agriculture Exhibition show.

After a full day of maneuvering through huge crowds, Battle of the Bands, horrendous smelling animals, personal cock-a-doodle-doo contests, food (shout out to Warwick Academy who hands DOWN wins worst food and the award for the worst misrepresentation of “food in picture”), we ended the day with some sexy face painting!

Who ever made this kite, CLEARY had me in mind! I love it!

Saturday night… Beauty School Dropout!

Saturday night, we officially inducted Mippy into our “Beauty School Dropout” club, lol.  Beauty School Dropout was born after Shirneil and I discovered that we BOTH have a huge love for the movie Grease.  Basically, its movie night filled with makeup, hair, and nails!  (And wine usually…. but we had to keep it PG this time around, lol)

As you’ve probably guessed, Mippy was the guest MUA for the evening and she hooked us ALL the way up!  My favorite part… the blush of course! lol

Do you know this lil girl stayed up til 3am!  She can clearly hang with the big girls…  Good Times!

Picture Day!

Doing this lil girls hair is a JOB in itself!  It reaches her BUTT when stretched out!  After murdering my fingers in the almost 2 hour hair do, her face when she looked in the mirror made it worth it!

Later lovahs…

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