Limited Addiction: It’s Chanel Dawling!

5 May

So back in September I did a post featuring my petite Chanel collection and I briefly spoke on these limited edition Illusion D’ombre Eye Shadows.  I absolutely couldn’t wait for them to arrive and when they did, I ran to scoop them up.  Of the six, there were three that I wanted, one of which EVERYone and their momma wanted as well… so I ended up with two. *Sad Eyes*

Just to briefly recap, the Illusion D’ombre Eye Shadows are pressed powder shadows that come in a pot and have a creamy/moose like texture.  They are highly pigmented and can be used alone or as bases for other powder shadows.  Chanel says, “An innovative gel texture that is both soft and cushiony allows it to be worn as eyeshadow or eyeliner.”  They’re truly a unique product.

Illusion D’Ombre #85 Mirifique and #84 Epatant


On to the swatches…

Epatant & Mirifique

Epatant & Mirifique

Lets talk about Epatant… LOVE this color!  As awesome as the swatches look, trust me, there is nothing like seeing this in person.  (That goes for both actually)  I’m talking glitter and shimmer for the GOD’s honey!  A beautiful taupey color that also reads gold, depending on where the light hits it, Epatant is the more wearable of the two and I envision layering all sorts of other powder shadows on top… MAC’s Satin Taupe and Urban Decay’s Sidecar, more specifically…

Mirifique is a SUPER black, super sparkly, super sexy shadow that I can’t get enough of.  Truthfully, I’ll probably get less use out of it because its just way over the top for daily looks, but date nights, clubbing, and special occasions is where this baby will get its shine.  Mirifique is a stunner all on her own, but of course layering another shadow makes things more fun!  The obvious choices would be MAC’s Black Tied or Urban Decays Creep, but I’d like to turn it up with a metallic silver, like Urban Decay’s Gunmetal for example.

One thing… Chanel ain cheap, and these babies were a whopping $32 a pop!  I don’t EVEN want to know what they’re going for eBay since they’re limited edition and completely soldout, but if you can scoop one up at the retail price, I totally recommend them!  These were purchased as a treat, so no, you won’t find me at a Chanel counter on a regular basis! 🙂

Lata Lovahs!


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