NEW! Benefit Box o’ Powder Ultra Plush Glosses

16 Jun

How cute is this?!

Benefit Box o’ Powder Ultra Plush Gloss

New ultra plush glosses that complement our bestselling box o’ powders feel ahhh-mazingly silky & luxurious. These six irresistible shades, from sultry nudes to punchy pinks, come in soft-squeeze tubes with a custom tip designed for perfectly even application. – Benefit

I can’t WAIT to get my hands on these babies.  I’m not sure if they’re limited or not, but I doubt it, something tells me this will be a hit and a benefit, (Ha! No pun intended), to their existing product line.

The six new shades include:

1. Coralista, described as sheer coral
2. Dallas, described as dusty rose
3. Dandelion, described as soft pearly pink
4. Hoola, described as shimmering golden nude
5. Sugarbomb, described as pinky nude
6. Bella Bamba, described as sheer bright watermelon

They’ll be available in July and will retail for $16 each.

I do have a small Benefit collection, most of which I love, some of which I haven’t figured out how to use.  Perhaps I should do a small collection post later.  Anyway, Benefit has a range of about ten or so Box o’ Powder’s, (two of which I own, Coralista and Bella Bamba) and what I’m assuming is they took six of the most popular ones and made these cute gloss versions of them.

A few of the blushes, Dandelion for example, are way to light for my complexion, and def anyone darker than me, so they look nothing short of ashy on my skin, so its nice to be able to enjoy the gloss versions of the powders since they are really pretty in color.

They did it with the images didn’t they!  So freakin’ cute!


Later Lovah’s

Benefit images from Temptalia and product video from Benefits YouTube channel.

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