Limited Addiction: MAC’s Shop MAC Cook MAC Collection – February 2012

3 Jul

“Try and Buy a delicious, delovely, delectable, divine, degorgeous, de-with-it, degroovy assortment of Eye Shadow x 4 in wearable brights perfect for Spring. Treat yourself to Lipstick in heavenly hues, mouthwateringly Kissable Lipcolour and Cremeblend Blush. This Spring, shop ‘til you drop with a tongue-in-cheek collection that elevates the everyday into the extraordinary. Whether it’s detergent or diamonds, produce or Prada, everyone loves to shop, shop, shop!” –MAC

Obviously the imagery got me!  How fun!  And bright… and cool!  Not sure how they come up with these concepts, but whatevz… I love em, lol.

Shop MAC Cook MAC is a fairly decent sized collection, EVERYthing at first glance looks like “I Must Have That…” but then you delve in, read reviews, see swatches, and you’re bought back down to earth, as was I.

There were quite a few repromotes in the collection and that’s always good because usually that means its one, two, or three things less you have to buy, but unfortunately for me, that wasn’t the case.  Unfortunate because the things they repromoted, I didn’t have… and wanted.  And fortunate because… well because I want them!

The collection consisted of lippies, Kissable Lip Colors, Tendertones, eyeshadow quads, nail laquers, Cremeblend Blushes, and a few other items.

What excited more than anything were the lip products… big surprise here!  If I could have, I prob would have bought them all, well almost.  There were six lipsticks, five Kissable Lip Colors, and four Tendertones.

Innocence Beware, Naughty Saute, Watch Me Simmer, Quick Sizzle, Dish It Up, & Runaway Red

Kissable Lip Colors: Enchantee, Woo Me, So Vain, Scan-delicious, & Flaunting It

I really had to hold myself back a carefully choose the items I felt I could not live without.  Here’s what I narrowed it down too…

Don’t you just love the packaging!  The one thing I don’t love about it is its not the actual box you’re looking at… they’re inserts.  So inside of this wonderfulness is the regular black boxes.  If they really wanted to make my day, they would have put these gorgeous springy looking designs on the products themselves, as I’m a suck for that ish and they probably would have gotten a few more dollars out of me.  But, oh well!

Kissable Lip Colors in Enchantee & So Vain

Kissable Lip Color in Enchantee & So Vain

Enchantee is a soft blue based pink that glides on very opaque.  That’s the thing I like about these Kissable Lip Colors, to be honest, they’re like liquid lipstick, but it’s the texture that disturbs me.  It’s really hard to explain!  They just feel… weird! They don’t grip my lips like a lipstick or hold on to them like a lipgloss, they’re just… there.  I enjoy the shades way to much to let that stop me from buying or wearing them, but I just needed to get that off my chest.  Does anyone else feel the same?

So Vain is a deeper orange based coral which also glides on very opaque.  I would personally keep the eyes very simple when rocking this color and its kind of in your face.  Add a soft peachy/pinky cheek (or coral if you’re feeling a bit monochromatic that day), and you’re good to go.

Of the five that were available, the only other one that was unique to me was Woo Me, but I already have it in my stash from its original debut in 2010’s Peacocky collection.

Shop MAC Cook MAC Lipsticks

Lippies: Watch Me Simmer, Naughty Saute, Quick Sizzle

Watch Me Simmer, Naughty Saute, & Quick Sizzle

Watch Me Simmer is a super intense, creamy, opaque coral pink, with an Amplified finish.  This color is BRIGHT ya’ll!  I’m talking neon, you seem my lips coming before you see me bright and I absolutely love it!  I will def be rocking this with a super soft face either on the beach, on a boat, or in a club!

Quick Sizzle, Naughty Saute, & Quick Sizzle

Naughty Saute is another one of those really pretty blue based pinks that MAC is famous for.  It’s very pretty and I absolutely love it, but I’ll be honest and admit that its not that unique.  I really could’ve skipped it, but I “Backed 2 MAC” all the lippies in this collection, so it didn’t really cost me anything.  Naughty Saute has a cremesheen finish, is super creamy and opaque, and easy to work with.  This color can be word at its full intensity or toned down by blotting it on and layering with a lip gloss for the office.

Quick Sizzle is a deep blue based fuchsia color and has a matte finish.   I wouldn’t call it a traditional matte though, as it has a slight sheen, its very creamy, and isn’t drying at all.  I LOVE that, because even though Ruby Woo is my most coveted red lippie, my actual lips hate it… SO drying!  I deal with it tho!

I absolutely LOVE these colors!  As I said, they’re all super opaque, so if you don’t think you can handle the full color… I suggest you blot it on and build it up to the level you’re comfortable with.  Another thing I can say about these colors is that they’re pretty long lasting and Quick Sizzle actually stains my lips a bit.  I just have to be sure I wear it on a day when I’m sure I will want to wear it ALL DAY, as I’m known to switch up my lipsticks sometimes depending on my mood.  I get over stuff pretty quick… It’s the gemini in me, lol.

Tendertone Hot n Saucy

Hot n Saucy is my first tendertone… ever!  They’ve been around for awhile and very rarely make an appearance.  Honestly I was tempted to scoop them all, because only God knows when they’ll be repromoted again.  But I decided to be good and just pick up the one that appealed to me most.  It was between this red one, and the orange one called Purring, which was equally bright in color.

This sheer balm smells of juicy watermelon, is super glossy, and is pretty moisturizing.  I don’t regret picking it up and am looking forward to MAC releasing some more as I really enjoy the product.

Whatever you do, don’t let this swatch or how it looks in the pot fool you.  You’re only really seeing it like this because I’m so light.  When I say it has a slight tint, I mean slight… in every sense of the word.  I don’t mind that though.  I can see myself using this product at the beach (it also has a SPF of 12!) and throughout my day when I don’t have time to or just don’t feel like reapplying lipstick.  You know how it is in the summer… one really can’t be bothered.

After seeing more swatches and a few YouTube tutorials, I caved in and ordered two more products, smh… I know.  Unfortunately I can’t show my own swatches of them because I had them delivered to a different address where I haven’t been able to pick them up from yet.  They are the eyeshadow quad, Call Me Bubbles, and cremeblend blush, Florida, which is my first cremeblend blush ever, so I really can’t wait to get my hands on it.  I’ll be sure to update the post later once I get my hands on them.

In the end, I’m very happy with my purchases.  This was a great collection and I don’t regret anything I picked up.

Lata Lovah’s,


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