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Nails of the Week: Essie’s Bikini So Teeny

4 Oct

Essie’s Bikini So Teeny

When one of Essie’s summer collections, Bikini So Teeny hit the net, blogs went wild.  The one polish that was deemed the star of the show, was the collections namesake, Bikini So Teeny, and it is absolutely gorgeous!

To be completely honest, we all have a similar color in our collection.  It’s a beautiful sky blue, pastelly (yes, pastelly) kind of color… very Easter, very spring/summer appropriate.  It’s also a cream finish, (no shimmer, no sparkle), which is one of my FAV finishes.

In my defense, I only own one other polish in its family, Color Club’s Factory Girl, which is slightly lighter and really pretty, but the quality… meh.  So why not jump on the bandwagon!  I swear it took for ever to hit these streets in Bermuda and I literally stalked the pharmacies waiting for it to stock the shelves.

So was it worth the hype?  Yes!  But not at first.  After I applied the first coat, it was super streaky and blotchy, and the color just didn’t seem to suit my complexion AT ALL!  I trailed on however and slathered on the second coat… voila!  It was beautiful… I absolutely loved it!  Especially the way it popped off my summer tan.  What made it even better was the fact that I wore it for about four days before I saw the first chip.  To me… thats amaze-balls and absolutely unheard of!

In the end, I’m glad I picked it up and I’m pretty sure I’ll be whipping it out again as soon a spring hits… but I’m in no hurry for that, as I’m super excited and looking forward to the sexy, sultry, deep dark, and vampy vixen colors fall and winter will bring!

Pink Panties & Leopard Lipstick Rating: B+


Drug Store Haul!!

13 Jun

This haul is actually from a couple of months ago… big surprise right, lol.  But the good thing is I’ve been using them for quite some time now and can give honest reviews.  Most of these items have been out for some time, but living in Bermuda, we get most of our collections MAD later than everyone else.  Except for MAC that is… Thank GAWD!

Anywho… Let’s get started!

Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoo’s

Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoos

Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoos are the business!  When I first saw the commercial for these babies I thought to myself I HAVE to have them.  The colors looked amazing and the promise of 24 hour staying power definitely intrigued me… not that I have or ever plan to wear eye makeup for 24 hours… but you get the picture.  Now I know at this point, everyone and their best friend have reviewed these things, but I wanted to quickly give my two cents.

Being a huge fan of MAC Paint Pots, shadow bases that can either be layered under powder shadows or worn alone, and a main staple in my makeup routine, I of course was curious as to whether or not this drug store product will measure up….  And I must tell you, I was far from disappointed.

Fierce & Tangy, Edgy Emerald, and Tough As Taupe

Of the ten that were available, seven of them excited me, but of course I couldn’t get my hands on them all, and ended up with only three, Fierce & Tangy, Edgy Emerald, and Tough As Taupe.

Fierce & Tangy is a bright, vibrant, matte orange color that is absolutely awesome.  I LOVE this color!  Even though you can wear it alone for a light wash of color, I get most pleasure layering powder shadows over it.  Now placing an orange shadow on top would be the obvious choice, but I suggest seeing what this baby can do with pinks, gold’s, and bronzes layered over it.  I promise it takes them to a whole next level!

Edgy Emerald is a gorgeous, rich and regal green color that has a slight sheen to it.  I love putting MAC’s Humid eye shadow over it, as it really brightens the color up.  I also love to mix this with gold’s, bronzes, and purples… It jus looks so rich and sexy.

Fierce & Tangy, Edgy Emerald, and Tough As Taupe

Tough As Taupe is … well its taupe! LOL It’s a gorgeous matte taupe though, with purple undertones.  Technically you can wear it alone, but it’d be pretty blah – personally I love to layer MAC’s Satin Taupe over it and then put a deep purple in the crease for a different spin on a smokey eye.  Also, if you’re a girl that loves a neutral eye, you must pick this up, as the possibilities are endless.

Now I’m a MAC girl to the end, but I must be honest – the consistency of these are quite smooth and very comparable to paint pots.  They are easy to work with and blend out perfectly.  Like I said, there were about four more that I wanted to get my hands on, so when I do, I’ll update this post.  The one that I had no interest in was Pomegranate Punk.  Not because its ugly, but rather if you already own Benefits Stiletto Cream Shadow or MAC’s Artifact Paint Pot (both of which I own), you do NOT need it – they’re both great dupes for that color.

Revlon Lip Butters: Creme Brulee, Cupcake, & Lollipop

Revlon Lip Butters

Revlon Lip Butters are another fairly new product on the scene that I wanted to try.  I’ve read a million reviews and though the majority is favorable now, at first it seemed as though everyone hated them.  Basically they are lip balms that are supposed to be moisturizing and full of color… kind of like a lipstick, but better.  Though most of the reviews had to admit that the butters were chock full of color – they were the farthest thing from moisturizing and deemed not worth the bother.  I’m sure I even read the word “hate” used once or twice!

Creme Brulee, Cupcake, & Lollipop

Luckily for me, I have a mind of my own and wanted to try them out for myself.  So instead of buying the whole lot, I picked up one to start with and I gotta tell ya… I FREAKIN LOVE THEM!

Crème Brulee is by far my favorite of the bunch.  It is the perfect nude that I can slather on without having to worry about using a lip liner or gloss on top – which I have to say is amazing to me because I can usually only pull that off with nudes that have pink or peach undertones… not straight nudes, such as this.  I’m not all the way sure that these are a permanent product, so just to be sure, I WILL be picking up a back up of this baby.

Creme Brulee, Cupcake, & Lillipop

Cupcake is a pretty babydoll pink.  Pink being my favorite color, its kind of hard to displease me here.  Though I can ‘kinda sorta’ get away with this color alone, since my natural lips are quite pigmented, I prefer layering it over a nude lip liner or under a pink or peachy gloss.

Lollipop is the most pigmented of the three I picked up.  This baby is FULL of color and can measure up to a few of my higher end lippies.  This deep magenta color was actually the first one I purchased and it was the color payoff that impressed me so much that I had to go an cop a few more.

My honest opinion, no… these aren’t the most moisturizing balms on the market, but they’re nowhere near the worst either.  I can deal with a product not being moisturizing, it’s the one’s that dry my lips out that I have an issue with, (MAC’s Ruby Woo for example, but its also my fav red), and these butters don’t fall into that category.  I find them quite comfortable on the lips and I enjoy wearing them. There are quite a few other colors I want to give a try, but these things stay sold out at the pharmacy!

Revlon’s Lip Butters came out around the same time as Maybelline’s Baby Lips.  Everyone got caught up in that hype and RAVE over these things, so I can’t help but to wonder if that’s why the butters got pushed to the bottom of the totem pole. I’ve just recently found them in my neck of the woods and picked one up, so look out for that review later.

Essie: No Chips Ahead

I’m a major fan of Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat, but not a fan how thick and goopy it gets damn near half way down the bottle.  Especially at $10 a pop!  That being said, I’m always in the market for an alternative that works just a well, so when I came across Essie’s No Chips Ahead I decided to give it a try because a. I like Essie products and b. it was a few dollars cheaper… so why not?

Now as much as I LOVE polish, I’m not one of those girls who changes her nails every few days, so I have to honestly say that I’ve only used this two or three times.  Now does it dry as fast as Seche Vite? No.  But nothing does!  It doesn’t take long either.  Is it as shiny as Seche Vite? No.  I’d put its shine level on the same level as the average topcoat.  Does it last as long as Seche Vite? Yup!  SOLD!  That’s what really counts right?  The fact that I’m able to wear a polish for a week and not one chip makes me happy!  Would I buy it again?  Perhaps.  But the quest continues…

Essie Polish – A Cut Above 

OMG!  When I first saw this, I HAD to have it!  For the past few months I’ve had a major obsession with rose gold, (that’s another conversation to be had), so when I saw this glitter polish I knew I had to add it to my arsenal.  I’m not impressed with this photo, but of the million I took, believe it or not, this was the best, o_O

Anywho, A Cut Above is apart of the Essie Luxe Effect’s line and its absolutely gorgeous.  When pics of it first started popping up on the blogsphere I went insane!  I don’t know about you, but I HATE when I see gorgeous glitter polishes, get them home and the damn brush distributes two or three particles of glitter, leaving your nails looking sad and pathetic.  Well this ain’t that polish!  How you see it in the bottle is how you’ll see it on your nails!  Don’t worry!  I will be doing a “Nail of the Week” post soon using this so you can witness its full potential.

Gosh I love it so!!  I hear its limited edition, so I suggest you pick one up fast.  I know I will for sure be picking up a back up soon.

OPI Melon of Troy

I was NOT looking for this! Literally ten minutes after I picked up the Essie A Cut Above, I ran into this beauty, which sang out to me.  Honestly, I couldn’t resist… it looked like liquid rose gold!  I thought it’d be a perfect match to go with the glitter polish so it had to come home.  And I’m glad it did.  Though you can get away with two coats, I feel its best with three.  Rather tedious, I know, but when you’re going for a specific look… you gotta do what you gotta do.  Like I said above, I’ll show it in all its glory in a later post, but don’t worry, Melon of Troy is apart of OPI’s permanent range, so there’s no rush to run out and grab it.

Whew!!  *wipes sweat from brow*  That was a lot, but I’m happy its done!

Later Lovah’s!


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