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Limited Addiction: MAC Hey Sailor! Summer Collection – June 2012

11 Oct

“Set sail this summer with a colour collection inspired by the glam of vintage pin-up girls. Go overboard with the never-ending colours of Pro Longwear Lip Pencils, Zoom Waterfast Lash, Lipglass and more!”MAC

As a girl who’s obsessed with anchors (my next tattoo actually) and all things nautical, imagine how GEEKED I was when the news of MAC’s Hey Sailor! Collection surfaced!  Especially since I completely missed out on 2008’s Naughty Nautical’s Collection.  What makes Hey Sailor! more special to me however, is the limited edition packaging.  I love it!

Isn’t it absolutely gorg?!  At first glance, I thought I was in trouble, ie. would want everything, but as usual once the swatches hit the net, I was able to narrow it down… a LOT!  I took home wayy less than what I anticipated, but we’ll get to that later.

MAC Highlight Powder in Crew

Crew, of course was the alleged star of the show… but I took a major pass!  She’s clearly just nice to look at and I’ve passed that phase in my makeup life

Hey Sailor! Lipglass: Blessedly Rich, Cut Loose, Orange Tempera, Riviera Life, & Send Me Sailing

Lipsticks: Red Racer, Sail La Vie, Salute, & To Catch A Sailor

Nail Polishes in Gold Knot Brass, Touch of Red, and Vestral White

MAC Official Collection Images Photo Credits: Temptalia

So!  On to what I got…

MAC Hey Sailor! Collection Love the packaging!

As you can see I only picked up five products.  I won’t lie, there were a couple more items I wouldn’ t have minded getting, but I’m really trying to get in the habit of buying only what I deem as a MUST HAVE before I fall in the trap of hoarding products I’ll never or very seldomly use.  It’s hard… but I’m making it work.

Fleet Fast Blush

Fleet Fast Blush

Fleet Fast Blush is absolutely GORG!  I’d describe it as a darkened coral/pink color with some reddish undertones that is very complementary to my complexion.  Fleet Fast is quite pigmented, so I suggest using a light hand so you don’t end up looking like a clown.  I love to use this color as an eyeshadow as well, mostly as a crease color.  I must say tho, if you want to use this as a shadow on the lid you’ll have to be a little heavy handed as it’ll come off a little sheer, but thats only if you’re my complexion or darker.

Sail La Vie & To Catch A Sailor Lipsticks

Sail La Vie & To Catch A Sailor Lipsticks

Sail La Vie lipstick is… BRIGHT!  There’s no better way to describe it.  It definitely isn’t a true red color, as I see lots of orange undertones in it.  I would imagine it’s comparible to Lady Danger or So Chaud, but I don’t own either, so I can’t confirm.  I do intend to pick then up eventually, and when I do, I’ll be sure to make a comparison post.

To Catch a Sailor lipstick is a light brown nude color with a frost finish.  Now frost is my absolute LEAST favorite finish in a lipstick, but something about this color had me curious and I had to give it a try while in the store.  First let me say its far from gritty, which is my major grievance with frost lippies.  The rough glitter particles usually tears my lips up and dries them out, major turn off, but To Catch a Sailor just glided on nice and smoothly.

My other major grievance with frost lippies is the “Golden Girl” effect.  Which means basically all I need is some pale powder blue eyeshadow and I’m ready for my bridge tournament on the veranda. I’m good.  The frost level on To Catch a Sailor is pretty low, so its completely tolerable since I love the color so much.

Blessedly Rich Lipglass

I’m sorry, this swatch does it no justice whatsoever!  But you guys are going to have to just take my word for it when I say it ‘s absolutely gorgeous.  One of the reasons I truly love Blessedly Rich is that it can be worn alone.  It is a beautiful dark peach color with subtle shimmer that glides on smoothly and has great staying power. I find with a lot of my lip glosses, as much as I love them and enjoy wearing them, sometimes alone, they aren’t really saying much and I buy them to enhance the color or finish of my other lip products.  Not the case for Blessedly Rich though… she’s the bomb.com!

Pro Longwear Lip Liner in Shore Leave

I just HAD to have this pencil.  When I saw the swatches for Shore Leave online and then swatched it myself in the MAC store, I was like YES! A perfectly bright true pink coral… right up my alley… has me written ALL over it.  Then I tried it on my lips…

Don’t get my wrong, I still absolutely love the color and don’t regret buying it.  But damn!  Could it be any drier!?!?! I suppose thats what makes it “Pro Longwear,” because it grips your lips, but gosh! I’m def going to have to put in a little extra work to make it work for me.  Once I find the perfect combinations to make it work, I’ll be sure to do an updated post for those who had the same issues as me.  I refuse to believe I was the only one!

Anywho… that tis all!

Lata Lovahs!

My MAC Beauties Alicia, Shayla, and Kylah!

Shout out to my favorite MAC girls!  Especially Kylah who makes sure I get everything I want and think I need, as well as keeping my pockets on E! xx

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