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Limited Addiction: MAC Tour de Fabulous Collection {January 2012}

11 Oct

MAC’s Tour de Fabulous Collection is one of those collections I wish I got more of.  The collection consist of 11 lipglass glosses and 8 lip pencils. I was only able to pick up one of the glosses unfortunately because I didn’t get a chance to send in my list like I normally do and by the time I showed up… they were all gone.  *WOMP*

Sooo, all I was able to get my hands on was Style-Packed lipglass…

Style-Packed Lipglass

Style-Packed is a GAWGEOUS bright fuchsia pink color with blue undertones that is to die for!  For a lipglass it has an excellent opaque color payoff, and it applies easily, has great lasting power, and doesn’t settle into fine lines.  It’s absolutely perfect!

I wasn’t really interested in any of the pencils.  They were nice and all, but nothing worth doing back flips over.  The other two lipglasses I wish I got my hands on were the collections namesake, Tour de Fabulous and Real Posh.

Photo Credit: The Beauty Is A Geek

Tour de Fabulous is a beautiful coral color (right up my alley) and has been compared to Strange Potion, from Venomous Villians and later Surf Baby collections.  I already own Strange Potion and I LOVE it!  I don’t have a back up for it, so being able to scoop this would have been great.  Maybe one day I’ll find it at a CCO.

Real Posh is a sultry deep purple color that I really wanted.  At this point I’m sure its dupable, but the name alone has me sold!  It kinda sorta reminds me of Rebel Lipglass from the Fashion Sets Collection, which I’ll be reviewing shortly, but not as rich.  So technically I’m fine without it, but like I said, the name had me sold!

Pink Panties & Leopard Lipstick Rating: A+

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